Sol sem Fronteiras

Who we are

Sol sem Fronteiras (Solsef) is a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO), born in 1993, with recognized status as a youth association and registered in the National Register of Youth Associativism. Our goals are to offer innovative responses to the challenges of access to sustainable human development, to make solidarity projects a reality, and to work together with the missionary church and other local partners on behalf of those most in need

 We are an association of christian inspiration, and we act responsibly and objectively, investing in relevant projects and promoting solidarity in a creative and irreverent way. We are an institution born from the Catholic youth movement Jovens sem Fronteiras (JSF) thanks to the inspiration of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Cssp).

We invest in networking, which is why we are part of the Portuguese Platform of Non-Governmental Organizations for Development and the Lisbon Municipal Youth Council.

What we do

Our work takes place in four specific areas: Development Cooperation, Education for Global Citizenship, Inclusion and Formation.

Our history

Solsef was founded on October 21, 1993 by Maria Brígida Domingues, Firmino Cachada, Manuel Bento and Victor de Sá Sequeira, under the dream of doing more for human development and social justice in developing countries.


We work for solidarity in the world through education.


Living in a world with equal opportunities towards sustainable human development.


  1. Solidarity: with the intention of drawing horizons of closeness to those who are most unprotected, seeking social justice in a transversal way, and feeling true charity as a permanent mission at the service of sustainable human development.
  2. Youth:with the conviction of betting on youth as the engine of change to achieve a better and more humanized world.
  3. Credibility:rigor, transparency, integrity and independence are the hallmarks of the credit needed to develop social projects with a positive impact on communities.
  4. Sustainability:bet on local continuity is, on the one hand, being by the side of those who need it, when they need it, but at the same time providing the conditions and tools so that they never need it again. On the other hand, it is an intervention guided by the promotion, formation and development of the autonomy of people, communities and local structures.
  5. Borderless: we are citizens of a “global village”, without borders, which is governed by the principal of mutual help and the sharing of common natural resources such as water or sun.

Learn more about Sol sem Fronteiras here.

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