Prenda Solidária

What is the Prenda Solidária?

Prenda Solidária (solidarity gift) is the comercial brand managed by the NGO Sol sem Fronteiras that gives its name to its solidarity store.

The Prenda Solidária project was born from the idea of applying the pillars of entrepreneurship, within the scope of social business, as a fundraising activity by Sol sem Fronteiras in order to find a source of funding to make their social action projects real and avoid extreme dependence on external financing.

By purchasing a product from Prenda Solidária, our customers support our work and allow Sol sem Fronteiras to continue on the path towards sustainability and the amplification of the positive impact of its activities within the scope of International Cooperation for Development, Education for Citizenship, Inclusion and Formation.

We believe in developing a niche market based on “conscious shopping” and that is why we strive to offer a catalog of original and useful products that, on the one hand, allow us to meet our customers’ expectations and, on the other, fulfill with the final objective for what they are sold, as the benefits obtained from the sale of products contribute to financing projects that aim to contribute to a fairer world.

After a few years of experience, we managed to create a network of suppliers that allow us, through Prenda Solidária, to provide a level of unique products. Currently, our products can be classified into two categories: Handcrafted Products (100% handmade, through the art of sewing or painting) and Exclusive Design Products (products designed by us).

The Prenda Solidária team

Prenda Solidária is made up of a team, mainly of volunteers, who believe in the great consequences of small gestures. Currently, we have a team of close to 20 seamstresses, 15 painters and 5 designers that allow us to provide an extensive catalog of original products, full of symbolism and solidarity.

Our solidarity store concept would not be possible without the commitment of our volunteers who contribute with their work, and selflessly, to materialize the products marketed through Prenda Solidária. We admire the ability of our volunteers to look at solidarity across borders, to be aware of their contribution to a fairer world through local volunteering and to believe in the language of art (through painting, sewing or design) as a way of communicating values and attitudes to the world.

The challenges of Prenda Solidária

Little by little, thanks to the trust of our customers, we managed to increase the positive impact of Prenda Solidária and expand its range of opportunities. In 2020 the opportunity arose to create the EmpoderArte studio, thanks to funding from the IEFP, IP – Institute of Employment and Work Formation through the Jovem Ativo Program, which aims to promote practical experience in a work context aimed at young people in situations of social vulnerability.

In this sense, Prenda Solidária is also a platform for the sale of products created within the scope of EmpoderArte studio, giving our social business an inclusive character by promoting the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion.

Currently, Prenda Solidária’s points of sale are our website, our headquarters and some collaborating establishments. We dream of the possibility of having a physical store that helps to make our products, our work and our solidarity goals more visible.

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