Atelier EmpoderArte

What is EmpoderArte?

 EmpoderArte is a social entrepreneurship initiative by Sol sem Fronteiras which aims to be a space for the development of personal, relational and professional skills oriented to the articulation of self-employment initiatives and income through applied artistic practices, in a young population at risk of social exclusion.

In 2020, the opportunity arose to create the EmpoderArte studio, thanks to funding from IEFP, I.P- Institute of Employment and Professional Traning through the Jovem Ativo Program, with the aim of promoting practical work experience aimed at young people in situations of social vulnerability.

Prenda Solidária (solidarity gift) also constitutes a platform for the sale of products created within the scope of EmpoderArte studio, giving our social business an inclusive character by promoting the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion.

EmpoderArte targets the following metrics:

– Build a space for social entrepreneurship for young people who are vulnerable to the job market;

– Use applied artistic practices as a vehicle for inclusion and social entrepreneurship;

– Betting on “conscious purchases” of products made by people with stories of overcoming;

– Occupying a market niche, within the scope of “solidarity purchases”, in Portuguese citizenship;

– Contribute to the sustainability of Sol sem Fronteiras and, consequently, to the development of its social impact activities;

– Provide the Prenda Solidária platform with exclusive, original and symbolic products.

EmpoderArte’s  Intervention Plan

The EmpoderArte intervention plan is based on the following pillars:

1.- Young people formation;

2.- Boosting the skills of young people in the field of applied arts;

3.- Integrating young people into the dynamics of social entrepreneurship;

4.- Create original, useful products with added symbolic value;

5.- Use Prenda Solidária to showcase products created by young people;

6.- Create a network of clients who believe in the work of Sol sem Fronteiras and purchase our solidarity products.

EmpoderArte Challenges

 We aim to amplify the positive impact of EmpoderArte, in the short and medium term, increasing the number of young people involved in the initiative, so we count on you in the work of publicizing our initiative in order to go further.

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